Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Flying home tonight ooooh yeeeaahh

So this in fact will be our last blog post for a while- today is our last day in South America, ending a spectacular seven month trip. So I guess this should be a corny recap post. Get your hankies ready!

Over the course of our trip we've stayed in 29 hostels, ridden 34 buses (with a cumulative time of 550 hours or something, which is about twenty six days worth of busrides. This is a horrible way to spend 26 days. Never do this). We've also been to four countries (five if you count the 12 hours in the Mexico City airport), travelled about 12800 miles (via aforementioned busrides), and seen probably 4567 colonial churches and scary Incan mummies and skeletons.

We've had a passport (Wes's), iPod (Wes's), digital camera (Wes's) and a kickass Victronix pocketknife (mine) stolen, we've destroyed a tent (mine), a sleeping bag (mine), and a nice pair of hiking boots (mine), and we've forgotten a ridiculous number of small things for other lucky travellers to find- tuperwares, flip flops, scarves from Red White and Blue, to name a few.

We've learned to tell the different between every American camelid, good weeds and bad weeds in the garden (clover good! Crabgrass baaaaad!), and how to know if the guinea pig you ordered for dinner is actually a rat. On that note we've also eaten a number of grotesque animal parts, gotton bedbugs/fleas only once thank god (never do this either), and been sick, for my part, for about three months total (one parasite, two bouts of salmonella, and three weeks in Bolivia, a name which is now synonymous with illness as far as I'm concerned).

On our last busride down from Máncora Sunday night (during which I re-enacted our first busride from Buenos to Bariloche to magnificent proportions- I ate three chocolate bars and every flavor of bon-a-bon in one sitting, buahaha. So again, perhaps this is why I get sick), just before pulling into Lima we passed a small gas station which had about eight goats leashed to the pump (probably won't see that in Jersey anytime soon). I'll miss the herds of llamas and donkeys, fo sho.

So people (this is more for our memories' sakes than to interest you. Which is sort of the point of the blog. Fifty years from now when I'm a little crotchety old woman who wears the same nightie everyday and everyone else is zooming around in flying cars drinking Coca Cola Black, I can look at my print-outs of the blog and remember when I too was wild and free), here's a breakdown of some favorites from the trip.

Favorite town- Huaràz, PR/ Coroìco, BO/ Bariloche, AR
Favorite city- Valparaìso, CH
Favorite trek- Santa Cruz trek, Huaràz, PR
Favorite museum- LARCO in Lima, MUSEF in La Paz, Museo de Bellas Artas in Buenos Aires
Favorite church- El Catedràl, Buenos Aires (interior); El Catedràl, Copacabana (exterior)

Favorite guided tour- Perito Moreno Glacier, El Calafate, AR

Favorite meal- Trucha at the comedores on Lake Titicaca in Copacabana, BO/ fancy llama steaks in La Paz, BO/ our meals of mundungo (pork stew) and chicharones (fried pork ribs) in the market in Sucre, BO/ chocolate cake atop Mt Tronador, AR; every meal at Margot's
Least Favorite meal- intestines in Cochabamba. Should have seen that coming
Favorite folklore show- kids dancing in Puno

Favorite bus- first busride from BA to Bariloche, extremely comfortable and well fed, not to mention the bon-a-bon tasting contest
Favorite movie on a bus- Doubt (the first time)
Most memorable movie on a bus- Doubt (the third time)
Favorite hostel- Adventure Brew, La Paz/ Churup, Huaràz/ Casaclub, Valpo/ Amazing Home, Arequipa

Favorite people- Christian, that Argentine guy/ those Aussies we trekked with/ Jessica and Jordan/ that Irish guy Eamon/ Margot and Vida and Paul and Heather/ Mark, Emmanuelle and Ryan
Favorite recipe/food from farm- Paul's empanadas, homemade bread, Norris's homemade truffels
Favorite drinks- juices in the Sucre market/ Pisco sours in Valpo/ mojitos in Copacabana/ Ricky's Peru-tinis in Mancora

Favorite border crossing- AR-Bolivia
Favorite capitol- Cuzco (as the capitol of the Andean nation!!)
Favorite country- Peru (very very close with Argentina, mind you. And the tourism industry of Peru, the people constantly harassing you on the street and trying to charge you absurd amounts of money for everything, very nearly ruin the experience)
Favorite people- Argentines (awesome accents, of course, very good storytellers, and great senses of humor)

So yeah, that's all for now I guess. Needless to say, we're exhausted, sort of broke, and very ready to be coming home (I am so freaking excited. Excited about everything. Weird things. Like, I want to eat dumplings from the Chinese general store in the worst way. That's weird). Though obviously we were so happy (happy being a massive understatement) to be able to do this trip, see such diverse and remarkable natural beauty, meet such incredible people, have fantastic culinary experiences (minus the intestines), and really learn a lot (sounds cheesy. All of this does. But it's true, foo) while we were down here.

And thanks to all of you lovely people who actually read the blog (Bari? Laura? ARI!), I obviously had waaaay too much fun doing it. I'm probably going to use this site again when I go to Guatemala in November, so heads up.

So yeah, we fly out tonight at 11:00ish and get into LaGuardia at 12:30. See everyone soon!
I am so so happy to be coming home.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So we've left Máncora after a week of sun, massages, mud baths and hot springs, yoga, and relaxation. Best way we could have finished the trip. We're in Lima now, we're heading out tomorrow, and not doing much other than hangin with Giacomo and hopefully doing some last minute present shopping for me (presents for me, that is). I'm too lazy to give more of a recap of Máncora than that... sorry! But it was great!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

are we going to end up mutant fish people?

And in conjunction with Wes's post; Dear parents, we can't give ourselves mercury poisoning by having fresh fish, ceviche, and lobster (I added that last to rub it in, couldn't help it, sorry) for every meal, right? Let us know!
10 dìas màs!