Monday, January 18, 2010

foooooood we like to eat

Things we like:

morcilla/blood sausage (actually I'm not crazy about it, though Wes is)
close ups of Wes's face



  1. that's really lovely, wes.

    i'm glad you guys are finally there! i'm also a bit jealous since i've still got a semester left, but whatever. it's cool.

  2. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA KEEEEEEEEEEEEP OOOOOOOOONNNNNNN GOOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!! this picture alone just looks awesome!!! Live it up!! Make this an adventure of 70 lifetimes....make sure to hitchhike and do bad things.....get into at least one life threatening situation...but come out as much as possible....sleep under the trees and interesting people, and just never stop living with excitement about everything, just have a lot of funn....maybe skip the life threatengin stuff actaully. hahaha miss you guys....which is weird. cause i didnt think i would already