Tuesday, January 19, 2010

i got really sunburned today

We went to Tigre today, an awesome beach town only about twenty minutes (by train- we took a bus for 1.5 horas but only $4 pesos, about 1.26 dollars). It was really cloudy when we left, and we were worried we'd see more of last night's thunderstorm, but it blew over into a beautiful sunny day. So sunny in fact that I got terrible, horrible, sunburn all over. I have a bandaid tan, a watch tan, a farmer's tan, a soccer tan (socks and shorts, whoo! actually minus the socks, but I wanted to roll with the types of tans thing)-- if I didn't look like a gringa before ("la copa pequena. mas barato. si. no- lo que mas barato. con bon a bon helado?") I definitely do now. The sunburn down here totally sneaks up on you too- it happens in like ten minutes. Sorry Mom! Maybe I'll post some gross pictures of it later (if you guys are lucky!).

Tigre itself was very nice, and nice to get out of BA for the day- lots of beautiful houses, awesome mahogany boats, cheap hamburguesas (and bon a bon ice cream). ALLEGEDLY there is a park with a bunch of tigers in it, but I never saw it, and I suspect Wes was lying to me about the whole thing. But it was a lovely lovely day- the camera is out of battery right now, but we'll post more photos soon! Besos!!


  1. buy sunscreen for Patagonia, OK red faced girl? (you looked that way on Skype) Let's hear more about the El Bason (sp) farm plans, before or after camping? Keep skyping please - a little frustrating for in-depth conversations but sooo nice to hear from you. Love the photos. La Mama

  2. welcome to my world
    also- remember you can get sunburn even through overcast days! and through car windows.
    (i'm such a mom- in fact, your mom is way cooler than i am.. )

  3. Loved your pictures Miss Kate! more more more said the Mary. It looks so beautiful and you look so relaxed and at home. Safe traveling my good friend.