Tuesday, January 19, 2010

la peña de colorado

LATE POST. My b. sorry guys! This is from Buenos Aires!

So: this is a video from the performers we saw last night (slash, two weeks ago) at La Peña de Colorado- normally this is a really busy place, so we planned to go on a Monday night, for a smaller show, but there ended up being this killer thunderstorm so out of the 60 odd tables at the pena, there were only us and two others filled. So it was a very intimate and fun show. And that aside this guys were unbelievable (I had a little trouble understanding them between songs, but Wes helpedtranslate)- I really want to find a way to listen to this music at home, all the time (John, if you're reading this, you would have LOVED this show). It was all sort of traditional folklorey Argentine music, beautiful classical sounding guitar and fantastic vocals, particularly from the dude on the right with the white shirt. I don't know how to describe it, maybe Wes can describe it better. But-
Yes. They were terrific. Also, the Peña ran out of all of their cheap wine, so were forced to buy an expensive $42 peso Malbec (as opposed to $27, which itself is roughly $7US) and it was really really tasty. So were the papas fritas we ate with it.

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