Sunday, January 31, 2010

new pictures! and, Bariloche en su mismo

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So we're very behind schedule with the blogging, so I'll start from the beginning and then maybe catch up tomorrow. We made it alive to Bariloche, which is the coolest place in the world. Imagine beautiful glacier lakes surrounded by snowcapped mountains crawling with cool people with awesome camp gear, then add tasty choripan and the best chocolate in Argentina. It's going to be hard to leave. Oh yeah, also, Bennett family, we're moving here (just thought it was fair to give you the heads up)

Our first two days we stayed at Greenhouse Hostel which was great, so thanks a million Evelyn! But it turns out hostels (all hostels) in Bariloche are extremely expensive (for our purposes), so for the past week we've been camping in Colonia Suiza, a Swiss colonial town about an hour bus-ride outside of Bariloche (more on Colonia Suiza later), hence the absence of blog posts or emails. But Bariloche is awesome! There's a lot of cool little artisans and crafts, and the woodwork is amazing. Amazing. Everything is handmade and rugged looking and practical, like a mate gourd that looks like a giant animal talon! Just for instance. I am seeing so many things I want to buy for people (okay and also myself) but have restrained myself, largely due to the fact that I'll be carrying these things for another three months. Except for bear-body sleeping bag I got for little Grace!

So the view from the city in Bariloche is breathtaking- seriously, the Lake District is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. And the second day we were here we went to the top of Cerro Campanario and went nuts over how awesome the view was. And then we climbed Cerro Lopez-0kay so on that for a second, Cerro Lopez was AWESOME, the last two kilometers of the 'trail' was all rock climbing which was really freaking cool, and it's snow capped so we got to play and throw snowballs in the hoya (meaning literally wing, this is the level where snow begins to collect), so basically it was awesome- and the view from up there (Lopez is something like 2100 meters or 6900 feet) completely blew Campanario out of the park. You could see the entire lake and town of Bariloche, and Mt Tronador on the other side (the big, mean snowcapped one in the picture with Wes at the top- it's 3500 meters and we're definitely going to climb it when we come back from a little trip we're taking next week)... It was breathtaking. We went pretty nuts this week with the Panoramic option on Wes's camera.

And then we feasted on tasty rice and salted peanuts- We couldn't find peanut butter anywhere in Bariloche (seriously, Wes looked 4 or 5 supermarkets) so we got to improvise with trail snacks. So, yeah. Bariloche rocks. More on Colonia Suiza and awesome live music and lots of good food and cool architecture soon.


  1. Holy crap! These photos are amazing! How did you get yourselves photoshopped into those awesome backgrounds?!?! ;)