Thursday, January 21, 2010

A view into the mind of Wes Brockway

So it's about a week into the life of this blog and I've just recently noticed the serious lack of male perspective, or what I like to call 'THE WESTOSTERONE.' So please allow me to reconcile this void by expressing to you, our devoted readers, some of the many things that have really revved my machismo oven, and thus, once again bring harmony to our blog, latin america and the world at large. eh hem...

STEEEEEEEAAAAAKKKK!!! it's cheap, it's delicious, and it's one every freakin corner! honestly you can't walk one block without finding another parrilla (steak house) or empanaderia (shop that sells hot, succulent meats pies that once bitten cause your tastebuds to explode in pure ecstasy. literally its like there's a party in your mouth and everyone's invited).

Next: CEEEEEEERVEEEZA!! argentina is home to some truly tasty beer. While some beer connoisseurs while a most experienced palette would say Quilmes, the national beer of choice, isnt the greatest, I'd say thats it's pretty damn good and with a price and accessibility that cant be beat! It costs more or less 3.80 pesos ($1 US) for a liter of beer. Allow me to repeat that...A LITER OF BEER! and its sold in every shop! its bananas

Finally: GAUCHOS! quite possibly the coolest people of all time. Never in my life have I wanted to be a cowboy more. Maybe its because I'm still reeling from the PBR Championships of Bullriding Kate and I went to a week before we left, or maybe its because these weathered, Argentine, John Waynes spend their days wrangling cattle and their nights under the stars singing old chacareras, but either way I'm looking to sign up. Now I dont want to mislead our readers into thinking that I have actually been spending time with any guachos, because I haven't. Not one minute. BUT, we did see an amazing exhibit of guacho portraits by Ceseareo Bernaldo de Quiros at El Museo de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires and it blew my mind. Hopefully we will run into some of these rugged individuals along the way (possibly at one of our future farms) and they can take me under their wings and teach me their wise, old ways.

So I know that all had absolutely nothing to do with the details or logistics of our trip, but I thought it necessary anyways. And now we are off on a 19 hour bus trip to Bariloche for camping, trekking, and hopefully some good ol fashion bear skinnin'. All the best!


  1. gauchos!! Im enjoying your perspective

  2. or should i say "westosterone" hahaha

    if you keep that kind of writing up im going to talk to some of the high class new yorkers i have been hob nobing with and were going to have a major motion picture deal bigger than julie and julia before you even return....have you seen that movie cause it would be mildly funny and make sense if you have....if not your just going to be lost in left field on that ummmm comment

  3. It all sounds spectacular dahlin! When can I come visit?