Monday, January 4, 2010

Wahoo Travel Blog!

Apart from this blog I have done absolutely no preparation for our trip to South America. Just kidding I totally have! But I love making blogs (really. way too much). When Wes and I first became friends all I talked about was my blog. And Second Life. Which I think is evidence of either his perseverance or shallowness, you be the judge (am I allowed to make jajajas like that on this blog? I don't know).

So yes, for those of you who don't know (since Mom, BL (brace yourself for some sick code names) and ML are the only people who read my blogs, and they already know I guess there is no point in saying this) me and Wes (Wes and I, whatever) are going to South America (namely, Argentina) in t minus ten days.

This is very exciting for several reasons: 1. I don't have a job, 2. there is steak and wine and futbol and music and camping in Patagonia and tango and riding horses and beautiful countryside and beautiful men (just kidding!) and all other kinds of wonderful things to be had in Argentina, and 3. Wes is fun too! Also because when we go to Peru we will make friends with lots of little llamas and alpacas (not all of them look like Ewoks like the one above. Can I get a spell check on Ewok?), and because when we get to Chile we will stay on crazy Thomas's island (you'll hear more about that later!) We've been offhandedly planning this trip for over six months now and though I still can't tell you our exact plans I can tell you I'm really really excited.

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