Thursday, January 21, 2010

¡we're going to bariloche today!

At eight o'clock we will board a 18.5 hour bus to Bariloche.

I am armed with three books (Stories of the American South, a gift from John; In Patagonia, a gift from Bari; and Love Poems of Pablo Neruda, which not only are a gift from Gen and printed in English and Spanish so I'm learning all kinds of useful everyday words like dedicación imperecedera - undying devotion- but also, they make me swoon all over the place. I tried to get Wes to read me some yesterday in the park but instead he played with this little boy for an hour throwing grass in each others' faces and falling down and pretending to be dead. The good thing about playing with little kids, we quickly learned, is that even if your vocabulary doesn't go beyond "¡Soy un tigre enojado!" or "¡Estas muerto!" it really doesn't matter. Jajajajaja.) So thanks for the books everybody!

I'm also bringing every flavor of bon a bon so I can test out which ones I like to eat most. Bon a bons, by the way, are the best, tastiest, chunchiest, little chocolate poof balls from heaven ever (they're candies). Also bringing little chocolate cookies, some baked zucchini, some frutas, and hopefully some vino (to supplement what they're already giving us on the bus). That is all!

Besos y abrazos! PS Thanks a million to Evelyn, if you read this, for hooking us up with the hostel in Bariloche. So cheap! We're staying there Fri and Sat nights so we'll let you know how it goes- mil gracias!!

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  1. i read pablo naruda on a bus trip to bariloche!
    but, as i was traveling without a man it simply had the effect of making me OBSESSED with the nearest man to my bus seat in an attempt to quickly find true love. unfortunately, this man happened to be a 45 year old ukranian man. with a wife. but, as the poems taught me, love has no bounds...