Monday, February 8, 2010

Orcas are the coolest!

okay so want to learn some cool facts about orca? you do, i can tell.

Wes and I are currently in Puerto Madryn, the singular site of some very cool orca culture, the only of its kind in the entire world. The orca here (no, we didn't actually quote on quote 'see this happening,' but we did see some fine quality photos of it in a musuem) practice what is known as 'intentional beaching' - yes, gasp, you heard right- where they'll allow themselves to be beached in order to devour the stray members of the massive sea lion (lobos de mar) and penguin (pinguino) colonies on Peninsula Valdez.

This is the only place in the WORLD this happens- and out of a population of 31 total orca, only 7 orca (in the WORLD) intentionally beach themselves- and only 5 of these orca are teaching it to the baby orca (by the way, on average female orca live 24 years longer than male orca. Girls rule!)(also, the average lifespan of the orca is 50 for females, 26 for males, BUT-dondondon- only 11 for an orca in captivity).

So yeah. Cool facts. Only place in the WORLD.

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  1. Little did you know, but it is also the only place in the world where Elijah Wood is still popular.
    OHHHHH buuuuurn...
    J/K. He's a very talented actor.