Saturday, February 13, 2010


Hey chicos! So: we've been on a hiatus for a few days, so we have a bit of catch up to do. But first, and somewhat foremost: the awesome flora and fauna of Puerto Madryn.

Puerto Madryn is home to one of the largest: penguin, sea lion, elephant seal, and as I already mentioned (okay, went bananas about), orca populations in the world. Seeing these animals- brace yourself for some cheesiness- in their natural habitats (not in a zoo and actually inches from your finger tips) is one of the coolest things ever. Seriously- penguins are real! They exist outside of animated movies and the Atlanta Aquarium! Who knew?!?!

The Penguins on Peninsula Valdez (and Punto Tomba, which is actually where we saw them. This ended up being cheaper and way cooler than paying for a tour of Valdez; we rented a car with three other people from our hostel, which was really awesome except for the flat tire) are Magellanic Penguins, or Jackass Penguins. At this time of year, the babies are just shedding their fluff and making their way down to the water to swim for the first time. So there were mommies and daddies and babies everywhere. It was the best. And funnily enough, Magellanic Penguins are really... bird-y... for lack of a better word. At this time of year, Valdes is around 80 Fahrenheit every day (though, much like the rest of Patagonia, super windy, which kept me a little chilly on the beach. Buahaha how's New York everyone?), so the penguins aren't doing much sliding around ice caps on their tummies. Wes decided he wants to be a penguin when he grows up (so he can ¨sleep on his tummy, and waddle around and eat fish all day¨).

Big tummies they have, for sure. And funny little nests that they poke their heads out of when you come by. Not to mention, there are by MY estimate about a million penguins at Punto Tomba, and you can honestly walk right up to them (because they waddle right up to you). Also, they definitely pose for the camera. Little hams. So yeah. The penguins were the highlight for us, for sure. As I already mentioned, we saw some sea lions (lobos mariscos) and they were great too. Awesome swimmers (as were the penguins).

So that was Puerto Madryn! From there we made the trip to El Calafate, home of the infamous Perito Moreno Glacier. Yeah, we climbed that ish.

But for now, I have to get off the computer-- we'll post new pictures of Puerto Madryn and El Calafate hopefully soon! We've been having major trouble getting our pictures onto computers (for a couple days now), but we'll get them up as soon as we can! Ciao!


  1. Jackass Penguins? You know... I have an ex with that nickname... ;)

    And also, PS/ I bet you could put one in your bag for later! For your friend Eliza! ... think about it...

  2. ahaha i laughed out loud (the first time i've ever lol'ed and meant it) when i read that. a stroke of true comedic genius, eliza.