Sunday, February 28, 2010

Photos are up!

Finalmente! Click the slideshow at the right if you wanna peep them.

Of the pingüinos in Puerto Madryn...

Pingüinos that love each other!

And the Perito Moreno Glacier...

Oh right! And also we're not dead or anything (from the 8.8 WHAT?!? earthquake in Santiago)-- we did feel it here (in El Bolson), but very little. Apparently the earth sort of moved like waves (according to our host on the farm, Josephine) for a minute or so, and then stopped. Wes and I slept through it though. Weird thing though was that all the dogs (not just on our farm, but every dog in the area) was barking up a storm (or... earthquake?) Friday night. They knew!

So there was a corresponding 6.0 quake in Mendoza, and we have plans to head up there on Wednesday. Hopefully our farm up there is in good condition and they haven't been too affected. I'm curious to see what kind of effect the quake had on all the volcanoes in the area. Now, Gen informs me that the rule with aftershocks is n(t) = k / (c+t)p where n(t) is the rate of earthquakes measured in a certain time t after the main shock, K is the amplitude, c is the "time offset" parameter, and p is a modifier on the decay rate and and typically falls in the range 0.7–1.5. So I think her gigantic brain is trying to tell us that we should be fine in Mendoza.

More coming some on our time in El Chalten and our time here in El Bolson (I seriously never want to leave this farm).

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