Monday, February 8, 2010

Puerto Madryn

SO a quick word on Puerto Madryn- we got here last Wednesday, and today we're leaving on another long busride for Calafate way down south (which hopefully should be better than the last one- we've now watched the movie Doubt with Spanish subtitles, and even I, an avid Meryl Streep fan, can only listen to her voice in that movie so many times. Also, Wes spent a good deal of that busride stuffing crackers in my mouth and yelling, 'Eat the cracker, Polly!' so hopefully I can get him to run around on the beach a lot and tire himself out before we get on the bus. I will say that In Patagonia, my xmas gift from Bari, was really really awesome and I loved reading it. I also got to talk to Bari (the day after her birthday, sad) which was really exciting! I'm happy all the Laskow women are finally in the tri-state area but sad I don't get to be around for it. Oh and lastly, busrides present a really good excuse for eating lots of chocolate, so that's exciting).

ANYWAYS Puerto Madryn. I think we're going to do a separate post on the wildlife (Puerto Madryn's main draw), so I'll leave that off for now. But it's been great here, very relaxing. Our hostel was really awesome- very clean, lots of common space, very nice staff- and the people we met were great. I am constantly impressed by the people we meet that speak several different languages. And our stay, again, has been very relaxing. We've been spending a few days at the beach (I have a ridiculous tan line from my Camp Bennett bathing suit, which we took action shots of me with for Amy's enjoyment), we did a nice 17k bikeride to a sea lion colony and passed a shipwreck on the way there, which was super extra cool, and we've been cooking everyday, which in addition to being a key moneysaver, has actually been really fun.

Okay I have to go now! We'll post pictures soon! Ciao!


  1. Oh Kate! You're living the high life! so jealous.

  2. kathleeeeeen and wesman, i have finally read your blogger and it is pretty durn fantastic. it makes me so happy to know you are having adventures all those miles away!

    argentina sounds like it is full of steak and chocolate (which are two of the greatest events in our little human lives) and also joy because you two are camping and treking and hippy-ing it up. so huzzahh!!

    much love, keep blogging, and kate, let wes defend himself on the cracker accusation, i want to hear his side of this bus ride.