Thursday, February 18, 2010

Quick update on itinerary

So: we've been super behind with updating, mainly because internet is really expensive in the small towns we've been in. We're now in El Chalten, and will be busing (A THIRTY SIX HOUR BUSRIDE) to Bariloche tonight at 11:25-- we'll hang out in Bariloche for a couple days, do a trek up a gigantic glacier mountain through Pasa de los Nubes- Pass of the Clouds- and eat lots of chocolates.

Then we're bound to El Bolson, a cool bohemian town just south of Bariloche, where we'll be hanging out on a farm for about a week (just camping and helping out a bit). From there, we're going north to Mendoza at the beginning of March to work on a farm for a month (this is the peak of the wine harvest in Mendoza. Buahaha), and from there we're not sure. That being said, get out here asap Earl, it's wine time.

So yeah! COME VISIT!

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