Saturday, March 27, 2010

La Huerta de Vida

Hello all! Wes and I are at our last day at our current farm (Margot's place), which turns out is called Huerta de Vida- a spectacular name for a place that has stimulated more interesting conversations and lifestyle-altering realizations than I've had in a long time. I'll be sad to go because I love it here so much, but hopefully we (or maybe just Wes) can return in a few weeks.

We've been spending most of our days working on Margot's new house, applying the second layer of a mud/straw/clay mix to her walls. Like I said before, mudding is fun. We've also been working a bit in the garden, which I have to say is the nicest we've seen so far in Argentina. Margot has an unbelievable number of different plants growing, plants from all over the place, like bok choy (Chinese cabbage), quinoa (a complete protein, common in the Andes), and among about 50 others fruits, veggies, herbs, seeds, and flowers, a hefty supply of zinnias, basil, tomato, and zucchini, which remind me very much of my mother's garden at home. The irrigation system is also really awesome, and the little green parrots and burrowing owls complete the scene. (Also! there's this awesome irrigation creek about 200 meters away where we've been taking dips- no worries, it's clean. cleanish- past this field where there are horses grazing all day, and it's the best. I feel like Ann of Green Gables. Okay maybe less Ann and more Laura Ingalls Wilder, but with less work and petticoats and stuff. The water in the creek is freezing cold, but it's the best). So yeah. Yay Margot's amazing garden! Yay Huerta de Vida!

Not to mention we've been reading a ludicrous amount of books, including one I've just finished- The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, which I beg each and every one of you to read (tell Antonio I've read this book and he will glow with pride). Seriously! Please! read it. I'm going to try to read Deep Economy by Bill McKibbons before we leave tomorrow, and I doubt I'll be able to finish it, but still very excited.

And another beautiful thing- Margot has a bunch of bikes that we can use to ride to town during whatever free time we have (we have a lot), and nothing feels as good as riding into town for an helado (I'm trying to ween myself off of chocolate bars, because 1. it's unhealthy to eat one everyday, 2. it's expensive, and 3. we're trying to eat fewer processed foods in the wake of Wes reading Omnivore's Dilemma and numerous conversations about how nasty and wasteful processed food really is (I might come back as a food snob, guys, so brace yourselves.)(Just kidding. Also, I'm totally aware of how many parentheses I use when I write, and have to I apologize for them. Sorry!) ) or tasty baked goods from Tentacion, a local bakery. So... bikes, yeah. They're really fun.

On the note of food, I love the cooking here more than anything. I LOVE IT! When you're working on a farm, and your daily schedule revolves around meals, and you're constantly cooking for other people, food becomes a very central part of your day and your thinking. But just so you all know, I am going to cook like a woman possessed for everyone when I get home. I already have a ton of things I want to cook for people, and have already started harassing Bari about using her kitchen. Buahaha.

AND finally, just so you're all in the loop, we're heading out of Tunuyan this Tuesday for the beach of Chile for a week or so- Valparaiso is both the culture and legislative capital of Chile, and an awesome place for travelling, so yeah. That's where we're headed! No worries, everything post earthquake is fine and safe and in good condition. I'm really excited. It's also a handy way to renew my visa for Argentina, because we were getting a little to close to the three month mark. That's all for now- Besos y abrazos a todos!


  1. Hey fellow Kate, I'm planning on working over here with my boyfriend starting January or February and staying about 3 months. I googled the place trying to find some more background information, and your blog came up! This is my first time doing anything like this or, in fact, leaving the country. Its definitely time. I do have some questions and you seem like a pretty cool cat, so drop me an email ( if you've got the time! :]

    Happy travels,

  2. Shoot! Hey, Kate, I just saw this message, and obivously this is a late reply. If you're still interested in working with Margot, let me know!