Tuesday, March 23, 2010

margot's place

I don't know the name of the farm we're at right now, but if I had to guess, I'd say it's probably Mystical Heavenly Cartwheel Wonderland Farm, or something like that. It's awesome, and I never want to leave. I don't have a ton of time to write, but here are the important points to be made:
• Really great people and excellent conversation! Plus fires to sit around every night
• A tasty breakfast of oatmeal, cinnamon, and apples every day around 8:45 and we chat pleasantly as we watch the sun rise in the sky
• Only about 1.5 hours of weeding in the mornings, but it’s okay! Because we're learning all kinds of exciting things about it, like that clover is good for gardens because it's good competition for crabgrass and releases good oxides in the soil (plus it enables Richard to bulk up his four-leaf-clover collection)
• Fantastic cooking! Today we're having a big asado, which is essentially a BBQ but with better steak and more boxed wine. And I get to make apple pies over the fire! Nomnom!
• We take breaks often and spend them doing yoga and eating fresh crispy apples
• Big, fantastic book selection
• The work consists entirely of mudding Margot’s new house- this means throwing mudballs at the walls for a couple hours, and occasionally mixing some mud, which is just if not more fun (and they call this work!). We're the envy of every child miles around. But seriously, helping to build the house is super cool, and my favorite work on a farm yet. It's really great to see the different layers as they go up, and to witness the construction of a house through entirely organic and natural materials (I know most materials are natural, natch- but few have haybales as the foundations of the wall, or plaster made of a mix of clay, dirt, and fermented hay). Yeah, it's really great- I love the work, and the rest is just gravy.
• A super fun (though possibly pesticide-ridden) creek to jump in at the end of every day!
• AND most importantly, ever fourth day is a free day
Which is why I love Margot's and never want to leave. Although I think we're going to Chile this Saturday. We'll keep you updated, and I think new photos are being uploaded as I write (of Vendimia in Mendoza, of farms, and other such things) so click the slideshow at the right to view! Y por ahora, ciao!

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