Friday, March 5, 2010


me and MichiMacho, the tiniest kitty in the world

New photos are up! Click the slideshow at the right to verlas! ('see them' - yeah, my Spanish is pretty awesome).

Oh! and two more things to add about Chacra Millalen:
1. They had the cutest kitten ever- Michi Macho (michi is like our word for pussycat, macho is obviously like machismo) who had all the mannerisms of a dog- he would run along side you, play fetch with you, and ride around on your shoulder while you did the weeding (that last one is slightly less like a dog, but still very endearing)
2. Working on a farm vastly improved our Spanish (yeah, like I said, awesome.)(just kidding, it's still bad- but getting better, and that's what counts)

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