Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bye bye Mendoza!

I'm finally left Mendoza (well really Tunuyán) for Buenos Aires!

The last week at the farm was beautiful- fall is here (essentially September weather- my favorite month), the leaves are changing colors, and it's about 35 degrees at night (which makes sleeping outside pretty unbareable, but whatever, pretty leaves!) We're still working on mudding the house and getting stuff ready for the winter in the garden, and work this time was vastly improved (not that it was bad last time, cause it definitely wasn't) by excellent company (especially Margot's daughter Vida, who's awesome! and who we're hoping to do some travelling with later on).

But now I'm in BA and get to watch whatever movies I want, (Wild Hogs - dubbed over in Spanish, mind you, if you don't think it could possibily have been worse, it can- on the bus here would have normally just amused me but this time I didn't have Wes to laugh about it with) take hot showers and change my undergarments daily (yay!), and wander around and shoot deathly stares at catcallers. I'm going try to hit up Museo de Bellas Artas again before I leave, and also this fabled massive ecological preserve somewhere in the city, not to mention stock up on bon-a-bons and maté before heading home Wednesday night.

I am so excited to be coming home. So. So. Excited!

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