Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thievery in Mendoza!! (DUN DUN DUUUUUUN)

The past few months for us have not only been a cultural education (learning new customs, language skills, and histories), but also a crash course in international traveling- figuring out how to navigate unfamiliar towns and cities on confusing public transit, researching each destination´s activities on the fly, adapting to varying amenities in unfamiliar hostels/campsites, enduring seemingly endless cross-country bus rides, avoiding sketchy situations, and most importantly how to not stand out as tourists. All in all, thus far we have done fairly well (minus a few small confusions and hangups here and there); we aren`t at the head of the class, but we definitely aren`t the smelly kid in the back of the room picking his nose and daydreaming. To a certain extent we`ve learned the tricks of the trade, and now a new city or 20+ hour bus ride seems like kiddie stuff. But yesterday afternoon, we took our final exam, and it proved to be the most costly and most enduring lesson of all.

While sitting in an internet cafe in Mendoza, my bag was stolen right out from under us. Inside was my Passport, my digital camera with all of our photos, my travel journal (!!!!), my iPod, my TEFL books and flashdrive with my most recently completed assignments, and my most favoritist sweatshirt in the world. In a word...BALLS! This is horrible! The pictures and the journal are irreplacable, and the TEFL assignments and sweatshirt a major bummer. Not to mention, now as we were preparing to head north to Bolivia and Peru, we have to go back to Buenos Aires to get a new Passport for me, which in the end will be a very costly endeavor. QUE LASTIMA!!!

So every one keep your fingers crossed that the police will find the scumbag that robbed us, and bring both him and the bag to us so we can take back was is rightfully ours and administer our own form of very loosely defined justice!!! I WILL AVENGE MY NAME, LADRÒN!!! Long live la justicia por mano propia!

PS- Dont expect any new photos to be uploaded...Sorry folks!


  1. Oh no! This is horrible! I'm so sorry to hear this, guys =\ At least you didn't lose all your photos as you've been posting them along the way... GOOD LUCK, guys! I hope your luck goes way way up!

  2. where can i send money-uncle barry.

  3. Hahaha thanks Uncle B, but I didnt mean for that last post to come off like a telethon...We will fund our own pity party...Save your money and take Aunt Julie out on the town...Send my love to all the Brooklyn Brockways wherever they may be!