Friday, April 30, 2010

Update from Huerta de Vida

farmOK PEOPLE, I GET IT! I´m a worthless, lazy slug when it come to blogging. I know Kate´s post are not only more frequent, but more interesting and informative as well. I just recently heard that some people were completely unaware that this was a shared blog (wamp wamp waaaaah). I am also aware that the only post I´v made in about a month was simply a YouTube link of the soultry Bill Withers emptying the contents of his heart and soul onto the stage. I´m sorry, but these things are important to me. FORGIVE ME! I´m the worst blogger ever. And I´m hearing it from all angles, so to put all you naggers to rest: lets do this thing....

Like Kate mentioned, life at Huerta de Vida (Margot's farm) has been even better with the change of season- all the natural wonders of a typical Northeast autumn, but with the added bonus of a myriad of farm activities I dont normally get to partake in. Recently, we have been doing much work with the fruit trees surrounding the garden and house. Aftering digging a wide rim around the tree base, carefully avoiding roots, we form low mounds around the tree and fill in the rim with the aged humanure (that's right folks, humanure= human manure aka people dookie!) and a light sprinkling of clover and field pea seeds to help oxygenate the soil and competively weed-out pesky invaders like crabgrass. Also, we have been working to even out the levels of the irrigation ditches that circulate the water throughout the field (basically just shoveling soil from the canals that are too high and putting it in the canals that are too low, so everything gets equal distribution. Yesterday, I helped Margot clean up some beds and plant garlic for the winter. I'm definitely planting garlic in the fall when I get back, not only because its delicious and gives me offensively bad breath (yes, thats a good thing in my book), but also because it seems to be one of the few things that will actually grow over the wintertime. This is super exciting.

The rest of the work has been in the construction of the house. The second layer of plaster, which is really clay, a finer sand, and less straw, is still going up. I've been given a huge task of repairing one of the more oddly-shapped and absurdly bulbous walls in the house. But it's important that this wall comes out straight and a solid layer of cement can be applied later because it is the exterior wall between Margot's future bedroom and the indoor garden. Pressure! Well not really, but I want to do a good job anyway.

And in between field work and the natural construction, I've found myself in the kitchen a fair amount. I've developed a new love and fascination with soup. I know most soup is very basic and simple to cook, but I'm enjoying trying out cooking new varieties. I made a butternut squash and apple soup with rosemary and cinnamon, and then I tried out Borscht for the first time (both cooking it and tasting it). And guess what? Borscht is freakin tasty! I love beets and I love soup, but I've never put them together before. It was a major culinary revelation- I need to learn to make as many varieties of soup as possible. My destiny (among other things) is to become the Soup Man!

After dinner activities have really take off recently too. Lots of cards are being played. I think I've learned a new game each night- everything from 'Yuker' to 'Sorry I'm Brittish' to 'Uno' played with a regular deck of cards. It's getting pretty cut-throat over the Uno. We've also been having a decent amount of performance competitions and sing-offs, which have proved to be as hilarious as the idea sounded when it was first purposed. And ideas like this have only started a snowball effects. Next off day we are having the first-ever Farm Olympics filled with events such as the Wheel Barrow Relay, American Gladiator Style Mud Joust, Mud Wrestling, and the infamous See Who Can Stay in the Freezing Cold Creek the Longest. Needless to say, its going to be insanely awesome!

Ok, I have to get to the market before it closes for siesta. We are having our traditional off-day asado (BBQ) and I need to buy mis ingredientes. Ciao amigos!


  1. I am so jealous of Farm Olympics. Why do you do all the fun stuff once I've left (celebratory?) ??


  3. Hey Wes--nice post! working hard, eating well, and having fun...sign me up, soup man!! Love you, mom

  4. Hey Wes,

    Looks like you've got Laura fooled -- she'll never find out you're really doing an internship in a Colombian cocaine cartel! Wait, can she see this comment?

  5. ain't no sunshine was a quality post.