Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Back in Argentina! Until we leave for Bolivia! Which is happening tonight!

So I'm back in Argentina after my two week stint in the big city!

It was awesome (awesome) to be home. I ate lots of bagels (they don't have those here), saw all the people- well almost all the people- I love (only one of those here), and took a ridiculously sumptuous bubble bath with five inches of bubbles in my parents jacuzzi (needless to say... we don't do that here. In fact, at the farms, we bath in a pesticide runoff ditch. Though sometimes it kind of bubbles). So going home was amazing. Thanks everyone that took me in in NYC (especially Bari who basically let me have the run of her home and her well-stocked closet) and played with me (Eliza and I went to TIFFANY'S. YEAH. I am so elegant and refined now.) and was so generous with me at my graduation party (family, friends, and neighbors. I loved seeing my crazy cousins trying to ride our pygmy-goats, seeing Abbey and Becca reliving the pop-the-balloon-with-your-butt-while-people-yell-at-you game, and receiving, among other gifts, a far-too-generous coupon from my Liedtka cousins, promising not to tackle Wes for a full day. Too bad he wasn't there, and too bad it expired May 9th. Oh well.) (Also Grace will kill me if I don't say how awesome she is. Grace is AWESOME.) Miss you all already, and am very excited to see you again in a few months!

However, being back in Argentina is great. Being in Buenos Aires for Wes's birthday was really really fun (he'll tell you all about it) and also excitingly I bought myself a leather jacket (thanks Mom!) which makes me look like just about the coolest person you've ever seen in a leather jacket. If looks could kill... let's just say we wouldn't be able to post pictures (except now we can, because we have a camera again! Thank Laura!). We wandered around a lot, went to an ecological reserve which is huge given the fact that it's in the middle of the city, debated going to a soccer game but didn't (which turned out to be the championship, so that was kind of a bummer), and are now in Salta.

Salta is in north-north-north west Argentina, and is a beautiful city, settled in a mountain valley which makes for a really killer view (check the pictures). The architecture is very colonial and they have some gorgeous churches and great museums (one with an Incan Mummy! Cool!). We also went to a peña last night where Wes was forced to dance a chacarera (video forthcoming!) in front of a crowded resturant of people, which was spectacular. And finally already you can see a stronger indigenous culture in Salta (whereas the rest of Argentina is very white and European), and we're beginning to stand out as tourists (the dirty blond bob might contribute to this trend. Or they're just staring at my cool leather jacket). You'll definitely be seeing the ¨where I am a Gringa¨tag a lot more as we head north.

However, time is passing pretty quickly before we fly home (beginning of August) and we're ready to set out for Bolivia and Peru (Colombia is now off the menu due to major time and money constraints). We're bound for a border town tonight and from there we're off to Sucre, one of Bolivia's colonial gems, and known as the White City (also, our stopover hostel in Potosì offers llama bbqs on Sundays. which is ridiculous). I'll miss Argentina and am so glad that we've spent a large portion of our journey here (the pingüinos were awesome, the glaciers were breathtaking, and the chocolate of Bariloche will always have a warm place in my heart) but I think we're definitely ready for the next leg of our journey.

Oh yeah, also, new pictures are up (and yes, I know I went parentheses crazy on this one)!

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  1. Kate -
    so many photos, my computer can't open site. Can you maybe set up a page with just recent photos? I wanna see that jacket! Mama