Wednesday, May 26, 2010

we love bolivia

And may never come home. Heck at this rate we may never make it to Peru.

How cute am I in my little leather jacket?

So let us beginning by mentioning that I had the best steak of this entire trip at dinner last night- and it was llama. And it was so delicious. Not to mention the delicious fruits we have so far sampled- including chirimoya, or custard apple, maracuya, which is some kind of tart citrus tihng, and tomba, which I am pretty sure is just slightly overripe passion fruit. Wes and I also had a very satisfying lunch yesterday which he has raved about, involving sausage and some other kind of meats. So all the fresh fruit is awesome.

Also! The cities are incredible. Sucre is said to be the gem of Bolivia and it is definitely the most beautiful colonial city I have ever been in- it reminds me of the cities I saw in Guatemala that way. Today we visited the Museo Folklorico, which had textiles dating back to 400 b.c. hanging on the walls. It was actually quite moving- my favorite part was the emphasis on harmony and balance in all of the textiles, which were mostly ponchos for men and baby-and-other-heavy-object carrying clothes for women. Go figure. The whole idea of balance stems from the worship of Pacha Mama, or mother earth.

So I have to be quick- we're leaving Sucre tonight for Cochabamba, so that's where we'll be soon! Also yesterday was Sucre's (and Bolivia, Argentina, possibly also Peru and Chile's) Dìa de Independencia and Sucre was the first liberated city in South America (from the Spanish and everyone else) so being here was pretty cool... Evo Morales came to the parade... Okay that's all! Talk soon! Besos y abrazos!


  1. so cute! have fun in cocha.

  2. Your photos of Bolivia are spectacular (and one very funny one--just like a where's Waldo). I love reading about your great to see you enjoying this trip as you have. Love, Mom