Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brave little Puya Raimondii

A Puya Raimondii and some friends

I just wanted to alert you all to the existance of this really cool plant (don't stop reading! plants are cool!) here in Peru - the Puya Raimondii is the world's tallest flowering plant and is a relative of the pineapple family. Also, it's an endangered species. Okay so cool stuff: it can take up to a century or more to mature, it blooms only once during its lifetime (up to 8000! white flowers that look like lilies, which by the way, have become one of my favorite flowers on this trip. Just FYI. Cough. September 15. Cough), and after blooming, it immediately dies. So tragic, so Shakespearean. Poor dead tragic little Puya Raimondii.

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  1. One does not need to think too long and hard what sort of bouquet to send Kate for her birthday....hmmm. Signed, Of Peruvian descent