Friday, July 23, 2010

Going to the beach (again!)

So we have 11 days left of our journey, and we've decided to spend them relaxing in Máncora, Peru, a super beach spot and major surf town about two hours south of the Ecuadorian border. Hopefully when we return in two weeks, we'll be tan and buff and suddenly, way more attractive and charming. Feel free to just pretend like we are.

Also!, I just found this awesome Peruvian cooking blog ¨Cooking Classes by the Cheff Bigotes¨ (Chef Mustaches). Okay it's absurd, but I wanted to share (anyways if you want delicious Peruvian recipes, you can probably consult Wes's grandma Mary).


  1. You have just won your way into Papa Brockway's heart forever!!! Now he can master Peruvian cooking...I'm sure there's a tasting party in our future.

  2. Don't forget to bring back a real estate brochure. I want a beach house in Mancora. Honestly, how glorious is that beach?!! Enjoy Paradise. Love, Mom/Laura

  3. Dear Wes & Kate, I have enjoyed tremendously every single one of your stories and spectacular photos!!! It is amazing and unbelivable what your eyes have seen since January. I applaud your spirit of adventure!!! Now, I await with great anticipation your return to hear all about your valuable and unforgetable experiences. With much love, Grandma Mary