Sunday, July 25, 2010


As you may have discerned by now, sadly there aren´t many things that motivate me to blog. I didn´t even write a post for Macchu Pichu, and it practically left me in tears. Disculpame! But my newfound love for the city of Máncora and the elevated level of relaxation and general euphoria that comes with it, definitely warants an update post.

Things could not be better!

I really feel that this is the best way to end a trip like the one we´ve had. After schleping throught almost every type of terrain imaginable, dealing with a few grungy hostels and some even grungier meals, and enduring some marathon bus rides (not unlike the last one from Huaraz to Mancora) it feels really really good to end up in a tropical paradise like Máncora! Our hostal (which has its own private pool) is approximately 14 steps from the beach, the weather has been perfect (75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky) everyday, the ocean temperature couldn´t be less than 65 degrees and we´ve been dining on some of the freshest ceviche I have ever had for twice daily for lunch and dinner. Needless to say, Wes LIKEY!


  1. how about instead of having any sort of welcome back hang out in an old stinky small smelly hot east village bar, we all just meet you there? love it? yes? great.

  2. Bring back real estate brochures....maybe a beach house in Mancora is in our future, si? Enjoy the last few days in Paradise. Love, Mom

  3. Dear Wes & Kate, I have enjoyed tremendously every single one of your stories and spectacular photos!!! It is amazing and unbelivable what your eyes have seen since January. I applaud your spirit of adventure!!! Now, I await with great anticipation your return to hear all about your valuable and unforgetable experiences. With much love, Grandma Mary